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Engine Valve Machine Linkage Automation

We are experts in automation of the machine linkages of engine valve plant. The engine valves, either Inlet or Exhaust, go through many machining processes. If the movement of valves between these machines is automated, it gives fantastic results. When the valves are transported manually between machines, the production is low; also the labour cost is high. Therefore, automation of the machine linkage definitely proves to be a profitable investment.
The entire linkage starts with a vibratory bowl feeder, from which valves are fed automatically to the centerless grinding machines. The output of these machines is further fed automatically to downstream machines and so on as per the process flow.

In a typical machining line between 16 to 24 machines are linked to one another, i.e. output of one machine is delivered as input to the next machine.

To balance the entire line, more than one machine is employed for the given operation. Therefore output of one machine is fed to two machines as input; as well output of two machines is fed as input to one machine.

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