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Battery Operated Vehicle (BOV)

Battery Operated Vehicle runs on dry batteries which are maintenance free. A trolley is attached to the battery operated vehicle in which the load is carried. Battery Operated Vehicle can carry a load from 100kgs to 1000kgs. Time taken to fully charge the batteries is 12 hours. Battery Operated Vehicle runs at a speed of 8 km/hour. Battery Operated Vehicle can cover a distance of 50 km in fully charged condition. Battery Operated Vehicle is supposed to run inside the factory premises. The Battery Operated Vehicle is very easy to drive, which has a very small turning radius. It can be driven by even an unskilled person, as the only controls are an accelerator and a brake, both foot pedal type.

The battery operated vehicle is very economical as it runs on batteries, hence fuel is not required. Also, it is pollution free. The running cost per kilometre is much less than Rs.1/-

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