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Welcome to Richfield Automation Ltd.
Conveyor Manufacturers in India

Richfield Automation Ltd was established in 1993. We are one of the leading providers of custom built industrial automation solutions. Over the last two decades we have successfully completed unique industrial automation projects for major industrial corporations in India.

Over the years we have specialised in the manufacture of all types of conveyors for almost all types of industries. We specialise in Gravity Roller, Belt, Powered Roller, Power & Free, Slat, Chain and Vertical Conveyors.

We also provide conveyors wherever required in assembly lines. Conveyors not only speed up the production process but also reduce the labour cost. Conveyors also streamline the assembly process. Therefore most of the industries are investing in conveyors.

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Custom built machines manufacturersAssembly Lines
Assembly Lines can be built for any industry engaged in assembly of products. Fully integrated Assembly Lines give the fastest & most convenient assembly of products & reduces the manpower cost per piece. Turnkey projects are undertaken.

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Custom Built Manufacturing EquipmentBattery Operated Vehicle
BOV run on dry batteries which are maintenance free. A trolley is attached to the BOV in which the load is carried. BOV can carry a load from 100kgs to 1000kgs. Time taken to fully charge the batteries is 12 hours. BOV runs at a speed of 8 kms/hour.

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Conveyor ManufacturersChain Conveyor
Chain conveyors use steel chains with plastic rollers. The job has to be kept on a pallet which moves on these chains. Heavy jobs can be conveyed on chain conveyors.

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Conveyor belt manufacturerPowered Roller Conveyor
In case of Power & Free Conveyors, if load on the roller exceeds the specified limit, the roller stops moving, but its sprocket keeps moving due to the presence of torque limiter, thus the conveyor keeps moving.

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Gravity Roller Conveyors Ex-Stock Available

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